All in one card

Reka-Check, Reka Rail and Reka-Lunch

Reka-Card   All in one:
more room in your wallet!

All forms of Reka Money are now available on one card, i.e. Reka-Checks, Reka Rail and Reka-Lunch. You simply select the one you require for the payment directly at the terminal.

Although you have more than one form of Reka Money, e.g. Reka-Checks and Reka-Lunch, you will only need one card. The Reka-Lunch-Card will no longer exist.

Product selection at the payment terminal

Do you have several forms of Reka credit on your Reka-Card (e.g. Reka-Checks and Reka-Lunch)? All you need to do is simply select the one you wish to pay with on the payment terminal at the Reka acceptance point. This is assuming that the Reka reception point accepts several forms of Reka Money and, of course, that you have sufficient credit in your various accounts.

In our online Reka-Guide at you will be able to see which reception points accept which types of Reka Money.

The selection is not required with contactless payments, because in this case a specific form of Reka Money has been preconfigured on the Reka-Card.
• Priority 1: Reka-Lunch (if authorized)
• Priority 2: Reka Rail (if authorized)
• Priority 3: Reka-Check

    After adding an extra form of Reka Money, your Reka-Card must be updated at a payment terminal so that the required form can be used in payment.

Activating an extra form of Reka Money

This is how the selection works at the payment terminal:


How do I decide which form of Reka Money I want to pay with?
If you are paying at a Reka reception point that accepts several forms of Reka Money, you have the possibility of choosing the form of Reka Money you wish to use for payment. Only one form of Reka Money will be accepted as currency and the transaction will be charged automatically to the allocated form of Reka Money.

How can I pay at a card terminal using two forms of Reka Money, Reka-Checks and Reka Rail for example, to purchase an SBB GA travelcard?
If two forms of Reka Money are to be used for a purchase, the ticket office must carry out two transactions. One debit is required per form of Reka Money. Please bear in mind that you should have sufficient credit on the various forms of Reka Money on your Reka-Card.

How can I activate another form of Reka Money on my Reka-Card?
You can activate other forms of Reka Money on your Reka-Card via your RekaNet account. And pay in ear-marked credit. Please note that there are fees involved here.