General Terms & Conditions (GTC) Reka-Card

Information, credit balance, fees and more


Download the General Business Conditions for the Reka-Card here.

 GTC - valid from 1st of March 2018

An overview of the amendments made to the sections in question can be found below. The changes are deemed accepted if you have not terminated the contract in writing before the change comes into effect. These GTCs are produced in German, French, Italian and English. In the event of any discrepancies or contradictions, the German version shall prevail.

  • Paragraph 5
    New section on dealing with erroneous deposits.
  • Paragraph 7
    The balance query options have been further specified and added to.
  • Paragraph 14
    The writing featured on principal and second cards and the limit on the junior card have been adapted.
  • Paragraph 18
    The order in which automatic debit transactions are made upon contactless payment has been amended. New rule: 1st priority: Reka-Lunch (if permitted), 2nd priority: Reka Rail (if permitted), 3rd priority: Reka-Check
  • Paragraph 26
    The following comment has been deleted: “(dispatch with security letter and for a charge;”.
  • Paragraph 30
    The use of remaining Reka-Lunch credit in the event of account termination has been amended.
  • Paragraph 31.1
    The following comment has been deleted: “An account cannot be correctly validated based on the rules of money laundering legislation.”
  • Paragraph 31.2
    Reference to paragraph 30 pertaining to the use of credit in the event of account termination.
  • Paragraph 32
    Amendment of closure fees.

Guarantee for payment default