Obtaining Reka money

Where can you obtain Reka money

Reka-Checks, Reka-Card credit and Reka Rail are emitted at a reduced price at sales points with up to 20 % discount.




Over 4,200 forward-looking employers emit Reka Money (Reka-Checks, Reka-Cards or Reka Rail) for their employees with an average 17 % discount as a fringe benefit (e. g. CHF 1,000.- annually with a 20 % discount). So it’s worth asking your employer about it!

NEW: Reka-Lunch
Reka-Lunch is the cash-free fringe benefit for staff catering.

Employee associationsEmployee associations


Most employee organizations offer their members Reka Money with a 5-10 % discount. Organizations include Unia, KV Schweiz, PVB, SKO, SEV, Syndicom, transfair etc.

Coop SupercardCoop


Supercard holders can obtain Reka-Checks with a 3 % discount from customer service desks at the larger Coop branches. Limit of the Day CHF 3'000.–.

myOne Customer CardManor & Jumbo


With myOne, you can purchase Reka Rail at a 3 % discount from the customer service desks of Manor and Jumbo Reka Rail (max. amount CHF 1,500.- per year).



Enjoy a 2 % discount on Reka-Card credit when buying from the Reka.