Reka – the leisure-time money

More money for leisure and holidays

Reka Money (Reka-Checks, Reka-Card and Reka Rail) is a popular way of paying for holidays and leisure and is available with a discount from lots of employers, employees’ organizations and the Coop, Manor and Jumbo branches (Reka Rail).


Today over 1 million people in Switzerland enjoy cheaper leisure and holidays thanks to Reka Money. There are over 9,000 acceptance points for this popular means of payment.

Reka-Checks and Reka-Card

Reka-Checks and Reka-Card


You can obtain Reka-Checks and Reka-Cards with a discount (up to 20%) from numerous employers and employees’ organizations (5 – 10 %). Reka-Checks are available in bigger Coop branches with Supercard points and a 3 % discount.

We offer over 9,000 different redemption possibilities for holidays, leisure and travel: hotels, restaurants, travel agents, Reka Holidays, public transport, railways, leisure parks, fitness centres, museums, circuses, zoos, service stations (AVIA, BP and Coop Pronto) and much more. All Reka Money acceptance points are available online in the Reka-Guide or via the Reka-Guide App for smartphones.

Reka Rail



Reka-Lunch is available from employers at a discount of up to 50 %. All food and drinks can be paid for cash-free with Reka-Lunch during office hours.

Reka Rail

Reka Rail


You can obtain Reka Rail with up to 20 % discount from employers or get a 3% reduction with the myOne Customer Card at Manor and Jumbo customer services. You can pay for all SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) services (except money exchange) with Reka Rail at SBB ticket offices.




In the RekaNet ( staff members who obtain discounted Reka Money from their employer (with payment slips) will find information on their balance, on re-ordering deposit slips, etc. Reka-Cardholders can also check on their spending with the Reka-Card, download vouchers and read the General Terms, etc.