Reka-Lunch for Staff Catering

Whet your employees' appetite.

Reka-Lunch für Mitarbeitendenverpflegung

Staff catering must be provided promptly and efficiently. Reka-Lunch is an electronic means of payment that is easy to handle and can be used to pay at the staff canteen, the takeaway stand or a restaurant.

Time-consuming distribution of luncheon vouchers at the personnel office is a thing of the past. Discussions about change at the check-out are also definitely over. Reka-Lunch is a pre-paid, earmarked means of payment that can be used to pay for items consumed by means of a debit card.

Discounted catering totally free of administrative tasks
Reka-Lunch is a practical electronic means of paying for catering as well as a popular fringe benefit. The debit card can be used for payment in many company cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and motorway Restaurants.

Reka-Konto mit Reka-Card
  Employees value Reka-Lunch as an attractive fringe benefit and describe the system as convenient and easy to use.

Companies praise the well-thought-out comprehensive package that relieves them from all administrative tasks and is, on top of that, exempt from social security contributions and tax.

A gift that’s effortless yet really appreciated!
Benefits for companies:
  • An effective way of strengthening staff loyalty
  • Freely selectable discount rate
  • Tax-free up to CHF 180.–/month
  • The Reka assumes all handling tasks and customer service

    Benefits for staff:
  • Tax-free fringe benefit
  • The same single discount for trainees up to company directors
  • Applicable all over Switzerland
  • Easy top-up using pay-in slips

Allow us to advise you

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