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Reka-Geld Produkte

Are you looking for a special way to reward your employees and also benefit as an employer at the same time? We are a non-profit organization and our Reka Money provides you with a sustainable solution.

More than 4,200 companies, including seven of the ten largest Swiss employers, benefit from Reka’s special business model by allowing their employees to acquire Reka Money as a special fringe benefit or as a bonus. Our products for you at a glance.

This is all Reka Money:

Reka-Konto mit Reka-Card
  The Reka account with the Reka-Card
The Reka-Card can be used for cash- and contactless payments at Reka acceptance points. All forms of Reka Money are available on the Reka-Card, i.e. Reka-Check, Reka Rail and Reka-Lunch. The form required for payment is selected at the pay terminal. The precondition is that the acceptance point accepts several forms of Reka Money and that sufficient credit is available in the selected account.

Reka Money is simple to manage online using rekanet.ch. The following possibilities are available:
  • Credit balance queries
  • Transactions at a glance
  • PIN change for the Reka-Card
  • Reka-Checks orders
  • Execution of account transfers
  • Online Reka acceptance points payments
  • Reka-Card blocking in the event of loss
  • Top-up credit at all times with a 2 % discount

The ideal fringe benefit in the catering field. This form of Reka Money is exclusively available electronically on the Reka-Card. CHF 180.– monthly are exempt from tax and social security obligations.
Reka-Lunch brochure

More information on Reka-Lunch

Reka Rail   Reka Rail
Reka Rail is the ideal payment method for public transport offers and services. Reka Rail are sold in values of 10 and 50 Francs.
Reka-Check   Reka-Check
The Reka-Check is firmly established and has been popular in Switzerland as currency for holidays, leisure and travel for decades now. Reka-Checks are sold in values of 10 and 50 francs.