Calculator for Employers

Work out how much emission of Reka Money costs

Calculator for Employers
The calculation example refers to the delivery of the electronic Reka Money form "Reka-Check".

Calculator for employers

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Enter the number of employees who should be able to draw Reka Money in your company.

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Number of employees

The Reka Money quota per staff member results from the amount entered as fringe benefits and the discount level for the Reka Money purchase. On average Swiss companies provide their staff a quota of between CHF 1000.– and CHF 1500.– a year.


Reka Money quota per employee

Use the slider to establish how much reduction your staff obtain when drawing their Reka Money. On average employees are offered a discount of 20 %.


Discount that the employer grants


A maximum of CHF 600.– annually per staff member is exempt from the declaration requirement on his/her salary certificate.


Fringe benefits per employee

Not all employees will make full use of their Reka Money quota. Experience shows that 70–80% of employees draw their Reka Money quota.Nicht alle Mitarbeitenden werden das Reka-Geld-Kontingent vollumf�nglich ausnutzen. Erfahrungsgem�ss beziehen 70�80% der Mitarbeitenden das Reka-Geld-Kontingent.


Rate of utilization of the Reka Money quota


The calculation correlates to the rate of utilization you indicate.


Maximum annual budget for employers


Jährliche Einsparung mit Reka-Geld

compared with fringe benefits that must be declared.