Rental terms & conditions "Swiss Holiday Farms"

Valid from 23 March 2013 to 22 March 2014

1. Booking – how and where?

You can book via the Internet at,, by telephoning the Reka central booking office: +41 (0)31 329 66 99, by Fax +41 (0)31 329 66 01 or by e-mail: The rental agreement between you and Reka will be concluded upon explicit and unconditional acceptance of your booking. You will receive the rental contract with two payment slips: one for the rent and the other for the processing fee. The payment of the processing fee is obligatory within 10 days and serves as confirmation.

Last-minute bookings

For bookings made less than 10 days before the beginning of the rental, we need your credit card number before we can proceed with the booking and conclude the contract. You will then receive the rental agreement. For last-minute Internet bookings, credit cards only are accepted (See §5).

2. Prices

These are in Swiss francs (incl. VAT). Prices are per day for the whole apartment or holiday home, or for room/breakfast per day/person, as described in the catalogue.

3. Extras

Extra costs such as electricity, heating, sheets, kitchen and bath towels are as a rule included in the rental price. You can find out about exceptions and exact information in the catalogue. Any other extra costs not included in the rental price must always be settled on the spot and are specified in the rental agreement. These are not payable in Reka-Checks. Special services, such as pick-up service or pony rides, are directly settled with the provider and are not payable in Reka-Checks.

4. Processing fee

A CHF 50.– processing fee is charged for Holidays on the Farm. This must be paid within 10 days.

5. Payment

The payment of the processing fee is mandatory within 10 days of the conclusion of the contract. The amount invoiced must be paid 42 days prior to the beginning of the holiday at the latest and may be settled in whole or in part with Reka Money (Reka-Checks or Reka-Card) (cf. remarks on the rental agreement). For bookings made less than 42 days prior to the beginning of the holiday, the whole amount invoiced is payable upon receipt of the rental agreement/invoice. For last-minute Internet bookings (10 days or less before the beginning of the holiday), credit or debit cards only are accepted as payment (Visa, Mastercard and MyOne Postcard as well as Reka Cards with sufficient funds). If payment of processing fee or rent ist not made in due time, and if after extension of a grace period has elapsed without the desired result, the Reka may rescind the contract and claim the processing fee and cancellation costs according to §13. In all cases the processing fee of CHF 50.– is charged.

6. Allocation

Holiday homes/rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Holiday homes/rooms are rented for full weeks as a rule, Saturday to Saturday. For exceptions please see price lists or call the Reka Booking Office. For stays of less than 4 nights, a 20% surcharge is added to the rental price. Arrival and departure times are stipulated in the rental agreement.

7. Number of Persons

The number of persons occupying the holiday homes and rooms must not exceed the number stipulated in the agreement. The Reka central booking office must be informed of late registrations before the beginning of the holiday. In case of overoccupation and if our warning has been ignored, we are entitled to cancel the rental agreement. In this event, the rent must be paid in full.

8. Pets

Prior to the beginning of the holiday the tenant must ask the landlord if and which pets are allowed. If animals are brought along without permission, the landlord is entitled to refuse them or to cancel the rental agreement. In the latter case, the total rent remains payable. Any claims for damages are ruled out.

9. Responsibility and complaints

The tenant agrees to treat the holiday home/room and its contents with care. The tenant respects the house rules. If any damage or defects are noticed when entering the rented accommodation, they must be announced immedi-ately to the caretaker. Otherwise, we shall assume the accommodation has been handed over in perfect condition. Defects which cannot be repaired to your satisfaction on spot within 48 hours must be reported to the Reka central booking office in Bern (tel +41 (0)31 329 66 99, fax +41 (0)31 329 66 01), or at weekends to the Holidays on the Farm office (tel +41 (0)71 695 23 72, fax +41 (0)71 695 23 67). Claims for reductions and dam-ages should be sent in writing within 7 days from leaving the holi day accommodation to the Swiss Travel Fund, Cooperative, Reka Holidays, Neuengasse 15, 3001 Bern. If a written claim for a reduction or damages fails to reach Reka within 7 days of the end of the accommodation rental, the tenant loses his/her right to enter any claim whatsoever against Reka. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by him- or herself or his/her guests. All damage or defects must be reported as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of the accommodation rental. Any damage discovered after the tenant’s departure can also be attributed to him/her in as far as it can be proved she/he was responsible.

10. Reka’s responsibility

The “Holidays on the Farm” catalogue has been carefully prepared. In spite of this, however, mistakes may occur which give rise to complaints. The Reka (Swiss Travel Fund) central booking office is the intermediary between tenants and owners/the Holidays on the Farm Association. Responsibility for damages, other than personal injury, is limited to the rental/travel cost paid by each participant. For arrangements that fall under the provisions of the law on package tours, responsibility for damage, with the exception of personal injury, is limited to double the rental or travel cost paid by each participant. Reka declines any responsibility for spoilt holidays, feelings of frustration and so on. To compensate for the complaint, Reka can offer equivalent replacement accommodation. If this is refused, any claim for damages is ruled out.

11. Events occurring due to factors beyond Reka’s control

Reka denies all responsibility for events due to factors beyond its control, such as blocked roads, closed motorways, higher-than-normal noise levels, electricity cuts, natural catastrophes, political disturbances, strikes or admission times of tourist facilities. In the event of such events, the tenant has no right to terminate the rental contract or claim a reduction of rental price or compensation for damages.

12. Price and service modifications

Reka reserves the right to modify published prices and specifications. With each booking, the customer is informed of any price and service changes. Price and service modifications may occur exceptionally after drawing up the rental contract. The customer will be immediately informed of these price increases.

13. Cancellation and modification

A CHF 50.– processing fee is charged for cancellation of a booking, for rebooking and any modification of a booking (also a change in the number of passengers). Payments already made will be credited to annulation costs. For cancellations and rebookings, the following cancellation fees (in ad-dition to the processing fee) will be calculated by Reka on the basis of the rental price: 50% of the rental price 42 to 10 days prior to beginning of the holiday; 80% of the rental price 9 to 1 day prior the beginning of the holiday; 100% of the rental price for cancellation on the day the holiday is due to start or “no show” at the accommodation location or advanced departure date. If a replacement tenant is found, only the processing fee is charged. In the event of a cancellation, Reka must be immediately informed in writing, and the rental agreement with travel documents must be sent back at the same time to Reka Central Booking Office in Bern. The date taken into account will be reception at Reka’s offices, not the postmark. The official reception date will be taken as the next working day after Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

14. Cancellation costs, breakdown and medical travel repatriation insurance

To cover you against any financial loss in case of cancella-tion, breakdown or repatriation for medical reasons caused by a serious incident (e.g. illness, death, accident), Reka offers an insurance policy for only CHF 25.– per booking with Reka Holidays Switzerland. Details of the services insured can be found in a separate leaflet. The framework contract is with AXA Winterthur Insurance, General-Guisan-Strasse, 8401 Winterthur, Switzerland, tel 0844 802 008. Reka receives a brokerage commission. Dispensations from the insurance conditions are only granted if they are approved and certified in writing by AXA Winterthur. Please check if you are already insured with a cover pack issued by ATE (Swiss Transport and Environment Association) or ETI/ACS (cancellation insurance covered by the TCS/ACS green card is in principle only valid for travel abroad).

15. Miscellaneous

The tenants will spend their holidays on a real farm in the country. They will bear this in mind and accept the consequences. The tenant agrees to supervise and keep all accompanying children and animals under control. The landlord declines all responsibility in the event of an accident or damage.

16. Reka contracts shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. Claims will be settled by the courts of law in Bern, Switzerland.

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