4 interactive ideas with fantastic material


In Reka Holiday Villages you'll find the electric blue backpacks each containing one of the amazing eight different family adventure kits!


How does the Reka-rucksack work?
You can borrow the adventure rucksack at the Rekalino or reception desk. In each rucksack you’ll find the specific kit for each theme with a short explanation. The kit and blue rucksack must be brought back after the day’s adventure. We take it for granted that children will try out all the activities under parental guidance. This is why we only lend the kits to children accompanied by an adult.

How much does the material from the Reka Rucksacks cost?
Most of the things in the rucksacks can often be used by most families. The Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) lends the family adventure kits free of charge. Special consumables that you can take home with you cost CHF 8.– each.

And why not tell us all about your Reka-rucksack story!

Did you borrow a Reka-rucksack at a Reka Holiday Village and have a wonderful time? Send us a photo or a drawing and mail us or write to us about what you specially remember!
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The 4 different Reka-rucksacks:
Do you ever light a fire?
One of the most important things for survival out in the open is fire. It keeps you warm, boils water, grills food and fends off wild animals. Before discovering lighters people had to light fires with the simplest of tools if they didn’t want to wait for the next flash of lightning...
Have you already carved a spoon?
In the middle-ages a beautifully carved and decorated wooden spoon was a very valuable possession. And yet you can make yourself a spoon out of a piece of wood with a simple penknife. The bowl – the part of the spoon used to scoop up soup or pudding – won’t be perfect but that doesn’t matter when you’re testing how eating with a Swiss Arolla pine spoon tastes!

Paint nature!
There are no limits to your imagination. That goes for landscape painting too! It’s not a matter of perfect technique, but rather about trying out something totally new. Painting on canvas. The picture will show the landscape as the painter sees it or how he feels it....

All set to take your marks? 

Water pressure will send a PET-skyrocket flying up to 20 meters into the air. The first time your flying altitude might not be quite up to expectations but who cares? It’ll be riotous fun for all taking part! If you like, you can give some physics a thought and observe Newton’s Law of Motion LIVE.


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