Reka-Bonus – the Premium Programme for Reka Holidays Customers

FAQ’s – Answers to your questions about Reka-Bonus

When will I be informed about the Reka-Bonus?
All customers entitled to benefit from the Reka-Bonus programme are contacted by email on the Wednesday following their return from holiday.

How can you inform me about the bonus programme if I do not have an email address?
If you do not have an email address you will receive the form by post.

What are my advantages if I take part in Reka-Bonus?
With the bonus programme you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Refund of 1% of  the rental amount of your holiday home
  • A free Reka-Card for 2 years (worth CHF 12.– per year)
  • Exclusive discount vouchers for Reka-Cardholders
  • Simplified Reka Holiday booking  with a personal login
  • Access to your current and past Reka Holidays bookings
  • Top-up the Reka-Card with a  2 % long-term discount
  • Time-limited special offers for Reka-Card top-ups at a 3% discount.
How is the credit issued?

If you already possess a Reka-Card at the time of booking, your card will be automatically credited with the bonus.
If you do not have a Reka-Card yet card application we will inform you about card application by email. Once you have confirmed this request, a Reka-Card containing the bonus credit will be sent to you. The card will reach you within 5 – 7 working days. 

Can I receive the bonus in the form of Reka-Checks?
The bonus can only be paid on to a Reka-Card. You can of course use the Reka-Card to order Reka-Checks in CHF 10.- denominations.

How can I pay for my holidays with the Reka-Card?
You can pay for your holidays via the RekaNet, by telephone giving your account number, or by returning the “Means of Payment” form with the Reka-Card.
For any further information the Reka HolidaysTeam will gladly answer any questions by email at or by phone on +41 31 329 66 99.

I have booked for a family of friends. Who will take advantage of the bonus programme?
The bonus is always paid to the contract-holder. An account transfer to another Reka-Card is possible at any time via RekaNet, provided the beneficiary also has a RekaCard.

Which of the Reka’s holiday offers entitle me to a bonus?
A list of all the offers entitling customers to take advantage of the bonus programme is provided under Terms for Reka-Bonus.

What are the advantages of the Reka-Card compared to Reka-Checks?
Reka-Cardholders enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discount vouchers from Reka partners
  • Balance queries via the RekaNet, the Smartphone App and by SMS
  • Payment of Reka Holidays on the RekaNet
  • In the event of loss of your Reka-Card you can block it yourself – your credit will not be lost.
  • Pay cash-free to the nearest centime.
  • Easy Reka-Card top-up via the RekaNet with a 2% long-term discount
How can I top up the Reka-Card?
You can top up your Reka-Card as follows:

  • Through your employer if you have been given this Reka Money as a fringe benefit.
  • With a 2% discount via e-banking or with a payment slip. All information can be found on the RekaNet on “My Reka-Card/topping-up the Reka-Card“.
  • With Reka-Checks which can be purchased at the Coop with a 3% discount. Send the Reka-Checks by registered mail to the Swiss Travel Fund in Bern and the amount will be loaded on to the Reka-Card.

How much is the card fee?
The annual card fee is CHF 12.–. Reka-Bonus customers receive a Reka account and a Reka-Card for which the Reka assumes the annual account and card fees for the first two years. If no bonus-entitled Reka Holidays are booked, the fees are subsequently at the customer’s expense.

How long is the credit valid on the Reka-Card?
For existing Reka-Cardholders there is no deadline for credit balance.
For a single bonus credit, the deadline for the Reka-Card balance is 24 months provided that the card has remained inactive. The card will be cancelled.

Can I terminate the Reka-Card at any time?

If the Reka-Card was already opened by the employer, the employer’s regulations are applicable (you may have to draw fringe benefits solely using the Reka-Card).
If the Reka-Card was opened as part of the Reka-Bonus programme, it can be terminated at any time.

How can I terminate the Reka-Card?
Please send your Reka-Card together with the completed Account Settlement Form to the Swiss Travel fund in Bern. On cancelation of the account a CHF 10.– fee will be charged. The remaining credit balance will be paid out in CHF 10.–  Reka-Checks. The difference rounded after the nearest CHF 10.- will be donated to the Reka Holiday Help Fund.

Have you erroneously applied for a second Reka-Card?
Please send us your duplicated Reka-Card together with the completed Account Settlement Form. We will transfer your credit either to your original Reka-Card or pay the amount in Reka-Checks, as you wish.